Goodbyes are lies

Goodbyes are lies Goodbyes are lies we tell ourselves, to pacify the turmoil in the heart. We never let go of our memories, though they bitterly tear us apart. A wave of hand doesn’t mean letting go, when eyes hold onto the last image. Tears that flow inwards floods the soul- it’s a mess ofContinue reading “Goodbyes are lies”

The Cry of the Clouds

The Cry of the Clouds May weather grumblings of grey cloud, whining and sighing- complaining aloud. Filled to the brim they want to escape, as if they’re held onto by their nape. And then without any warning sound, they burst and scatter all around. The earth gets drenched with their tears yet lovingly embraces allContinue reading “The Cry of the Clouds”

Spirit of Silence

Spirit of Silence– Remix for Portrait of Words My heart’s silent cadence – darkness introduces to me, the spirit of silence… I often hear what I can’t see. While the city buzzes below, I stare around from the rooftop. I feel time silently flow, I smile a bit, I stroll and stop. My curious feetContinue reading “Spirit of Silence”

Time will come again

Time will come again I tried capturing a butterfly through my camera lens. It simply fluttered by leaving me in suspense. I kept trying for a while then I gave up the chase. It wasn’t worthwhile to run all over the place. As I stood under a tree, a little bird flew by. Perhaps itContinue reading “Time will come again”

The Trapped World

The Trapped World Tragedy is merely news until it befalls us. We wake up so late that we miss the bus. When amplified party music fills our ears, peril tiptoes near… uncertainty appears. We get trapped while acting blind. The demon slowly crawls from behind. There’s no way to escape this mayhem. We have toContinue reading “The Trapped World”

Thinking over thoughts

Thinking over thoughts What do you think of a cloud of thoughts or a dense clouded thought? A fleet of passing moments or a fleeting moment? A barrage of questions or when a question barges in? The silent screams or the scream of silence? The shattered dreams or how the dreams shatter? The ailment ofContinue reading “Thinking over thoughts”

Who are you?

Who are you?Who are you to judge my choices? Why do you give unsolicited advice? Let me fall- you can laugh out loud, then watch me work hard to rise. Just let me be…let me take the risk. If I fail, I shall own my mistakes. Then you’ll see how I gradually learn from myContinue reading “Who are you?”

Appointment letter

Appointment letterTen years ago I used to teach. All memories are still fresh. I felt proud whenever I said, I’m teaching at my own school. Perhaps that was my last chance when I utilised my qualifications. Now those degrees don’t matter- they’re mere letters printed on paper. But why… you may ask?You see…big city hasContinue reading “Appointment letter”


Camouflage One April morning with cozy sunlight, I sat outside admiring the sight. The shrub shook slightly I observed, A chameleon cautiously appeared. It’s tail was long and head high. It glanced at me like a spy. The brown chameleon began to change. It’s head turned red- it looked so strange. It stayed unnerved asContinue reading “Camouflage”

The Road Back Ho(me)

The Road Back Ho(me) Those tranquil tall trees. That vivacious verdant valley. The bewitching blissful breeze. The weather’s dauntless dilly-dally. The hills hiding homely secret. The river’s rushing rhapsody. The fresh fragrant flowery blanket. The birds’ mellow magical melody. The road back home may be winding, yet each turn takes me near. Memories in myContinue reading “The Road Back Ho(me)”