If I had a pair of wings!

If I had a pair of wings,then I will love to fly.I will pack few thingsand glide in the sky.I’ll map the sandy shoreand hover over the boat.When the waves will roar,I’ll sing a calming note.I’ll race with the fishor settle like the shells.And with the dusk’s windy swishreturn where my heart dwells. © Taruchaya


The cold is setting in slowlyHot chocolate calls my nameThe December air is a little hazyWinter is laying it’s claim The pigeons sunbathe unabashedlyThe green butterfly fluttered byThe kittens prance around shylyMarshmallows float in the sky And I’m getting hungrier these daysI stole a scoop from the creamy moonThe stars giggled while giving a chasesoContinue reading “Winter”

The Substitute

The Substitute I’ve been searching for longand finally found the substitutefor your affection and timeunspoken words that drownedbecause time was irresolute. Thank God for streaming appsI’m grateful to the internetfor the substituteI found love in a few tapswherein the dramas the lovers metafter few squabbles and dispute When I missed homeI drew mountains for solaceasContinue reading “The Substitute”