Busy Birds

Busy Birds Busy bustle of weekday morningA break between classesA yawn followed by some stretchingPutting down sweaty glassesAs I come near the window ledgeThe pool sparkles in the sunA pair of pigeons sat on the edgeHaving a serious conversationThey bob their heads in dissentPreen their feathers to look niceCoo if they luckily assentFlap wings inContinue reading “Busy Birds”

What might warm up our hearts?

What might warm up our hearts? What might warm up our hearts?Little joys of nature for meBirds measuring the sky in partsPuffy clouds floating freeThe changing twilight skylinebright streaks spread far and wideThe setting sun bright clementineMoon emerging like a shy brideThe squirrel scrambling for treatsThe butterfly kissing new flowersThe ants marching on the streetsDragonfliesContinue reading “What might warm up our hearts?”


RegretsThose unkept wordsUnfulfilled promisesUnrealised dreamsFading memoriesPlagued by regretsWe keep moving onStriving to survivein limited time and meansClimbing the stairsreaching somewhereSpirit dead or aliveWho can tell the difference?© Taruchaya2021 April PAD Challenge Countdown: T-minus 3Prompt, write a “spirit of the stairs” poem.

The Bridge to Elysium

The Bridge to Elysium Seekers searching for blissdon’t really want to missa chance or divine mediumto reach the bridge to Elysium We pursue what we can’t seeyearn for immortalitydream of a Dreamlandand try to grip slipping sand Although it’s tough to decidewhy grass is greener on the other sideBut who is there to blameAll mortalsContinue reading “The Bridge to Elysium”

No Matter Where

No Matter Where( From Boyzone’s “No Matter What”)Sometimes it will be bright. Sometimes it will be grey. The mornings will still have light, no matter where you stay. Sometimes you’ll see the moon. Sometimes it’ll wane away. The sight can still make you swoon, no matter where you stay. Sometimes it’ll feel bit light. SometimesContinue reading “No Matter Where”

Let’s hide

Let’s hide Closed eyes open the doors of the mind –Memories mischievously peep from behind. Black and white flashbacks turn many-hued,when Bougainvilleas play Spring’s prelude As flaming red merged with drizzles of white,creating a flurry of magenta so bright. Ever wondered at hummingbirds and bees?How do they endure the thorns with ease? Crushed bracts oftenContinue reading “Let’s hide”