To be continued…

To be continued…It’s a season of suspense. As soon as I clicked the play button, I saw the convict escape. A race against time begins. The voice of a ghost suddenlywhispers a great prophesy – To be continued…© Taruchaya2021 April PAD Challenge: Day 12Prompt, write a six words poem.( convict, great, play, race, season andContinue reading “To be continued…”


Teenage As I reached my 13th birthday, I learnt Im now a teen. And less than 10 years away, it’ll end with number 19. “Big deal!” I foolishly thought, what might actually change? I was wrong, beyond any doubt, when things started turning strange.Eww, the acne…arghhh…hair growth, where they never existed before! Tragedy covered inContinue reading “Teenage”

Get Together

Get Together Hey sweetheart, how was your day? For so many hours you were away. I searched for you far and nearby. I looked for you up in the sky. When I got too tired to search, I rested awhile on that pigeon’s perch. Look, I gathered something to eat and splashed some water onContinue reading “Get Together”


Photograph I have seen you gazing lovingly.I have seen you silently cry.I have seen you laugh rejoicinglyand regrettingly sigh.I’ve seen you change with age.I’ve seen you evolve and grow.Escaping your own thought’s cage,I watched you escape – I know.You and I- we are the same.You’re half and I’m the other half.Still caged in a photoframe,ImContinue reading “Photograph”

Change might unchange

Change might unchange “Do you have any change? I came to buy some groceries. Seeing such a wide range, Im short of a few pennies. Now I need to get a cartto carry the items to the car. They will soon close the mart and my home is quite far.” Will you help a strangerContinue reading “Change might unchange”

The First Chance

The First ChanceHomesick people will knowwhen they find it hard to go.For whatever reason it may be,they just can’t beat destiny.Childhood home beckons the heart.As adults we always move apart.Still at times we feel homesickwhen tedious day plays mind trick.The smell of home fills the mindMemories that aren’t left behindNow the first chance that comesContinue reading “The First Chance”

The Bees

The Bees The garden is in full bloom- thorns guarding roses. Distinct floral perfume, pleases our hungry noses.Birds and insects are busy with a pleasure Spring trek. Yet the bees seem nosy, giving each flower a little peck. They pick the prettiest of all, with petals most delicate. Though the bees are small, they haveContinue reading “The Bees”

Busy Birds

Busy Birds Busy bustle of weekday morningA break between classesA yawn followed by some stretchingPutting down sweaty glassesAs I come near the window ledgeThe pool sparkles in the sunA pair of pigeons sat on the edgeHaving a serious conversationThey bob their heads in dissentPreen their feathers to look niceCoo if they luckily assentFlap wings inContinue reading “Busy Birds”