Camouflage One April morning with cozy sunlight, I sat outside admiring the sight. The shrub shook slightly I observed, A chameleon cautiously appeared. It’s tail was long and head high. It glanced at me like a spy. The brown chameleon began to change. It’s head turned red- it looked so strange. It stayed unnerved asContinue reading “Camouflage”

The Road Back Ho(me)

The Road Back Ho(me) Those tranquil tall trees. That vivacious verdant valley. The bewitching blissful breeze. The weather’s dauntless dilly-dally. The hills hiding homely secret. The river’s rushing rhapsody. The fresh fragrant flowery blanket. The birds’ mellow magical melody. The road back home may be winding, yet each turn takes me near. Memories in myContinue reading “The Road Back Ho(me)”

My Quest for the Lucky Clover

My Quest for the Lucky Clover Those dramas once awoke my curiosity, I took the endeavour to search the lucky four-leafed clover amongst the grass and fallen leaves. I found the clovers smiling at me, but none had four leaves…alas! I caressed them with love, not giving up yet – hope was alive. But thoseContinue reading “My Quest for the Lucky Clover”

Bagheera Behind Bars

Bagheera Behind BarsThe kid in me loves to visit the zoo, but how they live makes me sad. Why they’re there, they have no clue and that’s what makes it really bad. I came across a cubical cage with a restless black panther pacing.Such a majestic beast in outrage, it was downright cruel and debasing.Continue reading “Bagheera Behind Bars”

Sinking Boat with a Heartbeat by Zarina

Sinking boat with a Heartbeat by Zarina No man wants to leave his home but few are forced to move. They can’t stay – they must roam. Their existence others disapprove. Huddled in a overcrowded boat, they set sail in hopes to survive. Without food or water they stay afloat, till nothing is left toContinue reading “Sinking Boat with a Heartbeat by Zarina”

The Sunflowers

The Sunflowers The sunflowers await a tuscan sunrise, to give us a bright blooming surprise. And as the sun travels in an arc, they can’t take their eyes off sun’s mark. They move their heads once in a while, as if they’re spreading a golden smile. The bees and butterflies come to greet. They hoverContinue reading “The Sunflowers”

Hope to meet again

Hope to meet again Some cities don’t like to sleepSome love to silently hibernate Some are comparatively cheapSome have high-rises at high rateSome prefer the quiet countrysidewith lush green surroundingsSome prefer what big cities providedistinct metropolitan thingsThough they say men make citiesbut cities too make few great menFrom simple things to complexitiesWe move to live…hopingContinue reading “Hope to meet again”

An Incomplete Story

An Incomplete StoryNeither all stories are true nor do all have a happy ending. Sometimes we may find a clue Sometimes it is teeth grinding! Life is one long zigzag story – our characters are long or brief. Consider your role transitionary,If destiny is God… time is a thief! © Taruchaya 2021 April PAD Challenge:Continue reading “An Incomplete Story”

The Open Door

The Open DoorA cozy corner- a hidden place on a cream tiled floor. That’s what I call “my space” just in front of the open door. The cold tiles makes me feel good during the summer evenings. Inspiration often lifts up my mood, words start getting wings. The open door gives me solace as hecticContinue reading “The Open Door”

Love For Food

Love for Food Weekends work as catalyst to incite our hidden craving. Fingers curl into the fist… Umm…chicken wings are enticing! That pizza with overflowing cheese. That burger with French fries. This heart doesn’t feel any unease as good food needs no disguise. Love for food is bona fide –only those who agree understand. It’sContinue reading “Love For Food”