Photo © Taruchaya

Too much of love
Passionate and boundless

Too many expectations
Immature and limitless

Misinterpreting words
Doubts creating distance

Anger flaring up
Egoistic resistance

Quarrels on trifles
Tearful reconciliation

Deep-rooted trust
Affectionate relation

Emotional sparks
Mutual dependence

Understanding each other
Resolving difference

A new dawn of life
Forgetting and forgiving

Rejuvenating love
A fresh new beginning

One lonely heart
Desires abound

Mind full of dreams
Soul’s silent sound

Obstacle laden path
Life’s long journey

Companions and soul mates
Matrimonial harmony

© Taruchaya


Photo © Taruchaya

The trees seem so silent
The wind is also slow
The road seems deserted
as there is no one to go
No one can be seen around
No voices can be heard
No dog is barking loudly
and there’s no screeching of bird
There’s only a long-lasting silence
and deep darkness outside
A silence which seems very painful
as if someone has died
But as soon as the sun will rise
this darkness will fade away
Since it’s the rule of nature
that night is always followed by day

Difficulties are just like the dark night
they seem long-lasting and sad
But we should always face them bravely
and forget it as a dream that was bad
Loneliness can always be avoided
if we find people around
And from amongst all these people
many good friends can be found
Happiness can be easily doubled
if it is shared with someone
So we should always smile
And be fearful of none
We get this life only once
so we should live it to its fullest
And the life spent in giving love to others
is the life that’s lived the best

© Taruchaya


Photo © Taruchaya

I love the emerald ocean
along the shores of memories
I leave the footprints behind
and the waves absorb them
I love watching the night sky
Darker the night, brighter the stars
A twinkle here, a glimmer there
I love the simmering sparkles
I came to a wishing fountain
Closed my eyes – murmured a wish
Turned around and held my breath
And dropped the chock-full penny
The water of the fountain sparkled
as if every drop were a crystal
The pennies at the bottom glimmered
as if the wishes were embers
We have so many wishes
Some get fulfilled, some just don’t
Some desires remain dreams
Some aren’t just meant to be true.
Life is like an empyrean ocean
Owned by none – it belongs to all
My footprints shall stay forever
And become trivial little stars

© Taruchaya

Wings Of My Soul

Photo © Taruchaya

I believe what I perceive
and then delicate patterns I weave
with silken threads of my desire
I weave my dream’s beautiful attire


“Born lucky!” many people say
I take life as it comes each day
Love has always surrounded me
I know I am lucky definitely


Though success shies away from me;
failure has never been my enemy
I fall and then I stand up again
It has taught me to walk against the rain


My destiny I cannot foretell
I believe alls well that ends well
So I brace myself up against any odd
I have unwavering faith on my God


Life is undefined like the sky
like a bird my dreams also fly
Soaring towards an immortal goal
with the blessed wings of my soul


Sneaking away from the ageing clouds
leaving behind all the tears and doubts
the soul holds the hand of a guiding light
that is so pure and soothingly white


My soul leaves behind all the pain
There’s nothing to lose and nothing to gain
My dreams get a final resting place
When God takes me in His embrace

© Taruchaya


Photo © Taruchaya

What is hope?
Is it the dew drops on the leaves
on a misty autumn morning?
Is it the galaxy of stars
on a deep dark summer sky?
Is it the cool drops of rain
on the parched sandy desert?
Is it the first ray of sun
on the snowy blanket over grass?

So what is hope, i ask again?
Hope is a profound word.
Its perspective constantly changes
Like the phases of the moon.
That’s how Nature depicts hope.
Bit by bit the moon grows
and diminishes in the same way,
until darkness consumes it altogether.
Again it arcs into the infinite sky…

© Taruchaya


Photo © Taruchaya

When in the nights of loneliness,
grief cries out of tremendous pain;
leaving some tears in the eyes of happiness –
gasping for a breath of relief…but all in vain.
The mind becomes clogged and is ready to blast.
The heart sinks with the load of the past.
The body groans with the injuries it bears.
The soul seems to choke with many fears.

But faith makes a man able and strong,
to face every difficulty and wrong.
A moonless sky also has many stars shining
and every dark cloud has a silver lining.
You have to carve your own way
and it’ll become tougher day by day.
Remember that you have to move ahead-
its a long way that you have to tread.
Don’t lose hope – have courage in yourself.
Success will definitely kiss your feet.
Remember you are a born victor.
Even fate will have to accept its defeat!

© Taruchaya

A Moment

Photo © Taruchaya


A moment of love
A moment of mad race
A moment of passion
A moment of disgrace

A moment of blindness
A moment of ecstasy
A moment of victory
A moment of fantasy

A moment of blindness
A moment of disbelief
A moment of joy
A moment of relief

A moment of terror
A moment of sympathy
A moment of grief
A moment of unity

A moment of celebration
A moment of rage
A moment to cherish
that is worth an age

Life is a collection of moments
Take one moment at a time
It goes by its own rhythm
All moments make a rhyme

© Taruchaya


Bang!!And the words gushed out
like molten lava
The sparks flew far and wide
and it burnt-
Burnt not just the listener
but the speaker too…
and that was me!
Im not myself;
Its not my reflection I see-
blinding tears of hatred…
dripping down the cheeks;
That can’t be Me!
Why…why such an outburst
I do not know.
The rage makes me mad-
mad to the brink…
of the ocean of poison-
the frenzied waves
rising in my mind.
The heart turns a hard rock-
the madness crashing furiously.
No emotions…no sense at all.
The body is numb-
without a sensation.
The eyes burn to a rich crimson.
The hands yearn to destroy everything
Violence takes over…!
I want to scream frantically,
break things…and brittle relations.
But who’s making me angry?
No…perhaps…its not anyone else
Its Me-my chained hands,
gagged mouth…legs bound tightly
The mind that’s a mere slave
There’s a profound vacuum.
I want to break free,
and come out of this.
Helplessness cuts maliciously deep-
rips through the core of my soul.
The lava flows down swiftly-
touches the cold waves of reason
and solidifies-
like my heart…and life!!

© Taruchaya