Lucky for Me #writer’s digest #aprpad Day 8 #prompt lucky number

Photo © Taruchaya

Lucky for Me

I thought and thought
and thought and thought
Why 12 is lucky
but 13 is not.
From curious childhood
To being an inquisitive teen
How can i ever forget
The lovely thirteen?
But like all things good
Teenage came to an end
After the age of 19
Our world changes, my friend.
I still am wondering
Which number is lucky for me
Is it three, thirteen, nineteen,
twenty five or thirty three?

© Taruchaya

Envy #writer’s digest #aprpad Day 7 # prompt jealousy/envy

Photo © Taruchaya
The emerald embers of envy
consumes the possessor first,
smouldering the parched heart
that crackles, burns and burst-
leaving just ashes and soot
of something good turned bad.
A beautiful fairy-tale beginning
with an ending bitter and sad.
© Taruchaya

After the Summer Rain. Writer’s Digest PAD Challenge Day 6 Poem 2#aprpad # prompt after…

Photo © Taruchaya

After the Summer Rain

The musk of the earth
The wet bed of grass
The pearls on roses
The rainbow canvas.

The dance of peacock
The song of the brook
After the Summer rain
Its impossible to overlook.

The boats on puddles
The cup of cocoa stirred hot
The bite of crunchy cookies
Entices me a lot.

Embracing mist on the window
Rays filtering through a cloud
After the Summer rain
My heart loves to sing aloud.

© Taruchaya

Not a Thief # Writer’s Digest#aprpad Day 5 # prompt a stolen poem

Photo © Taruchaya

Not a Thief

Make your wish
Your wish is my command
Said the Genie with a grin
Help me steal
Whatever I want
Said Timid Tiny Tim

I can fulfil
All your wishes
Then why do you want to steal?
You can be a Prince
With a huge palace
You can have the royal meal.

I’m just a boy
Too scared of the world
I don’t have hands of steel
All I know
Is how to endure
What people make me feel

I wish for love
I wish for a family
I wish to go home.
Cold pavements are better
Than cold-hearted people
I’m tired of being alone.

Sweet little angel
My dear Tiny Tim
Life has both joy and grief.
You can be whatever you want
Believe in yourself
You are not a thief.

You don’t need envy
You don’t need rage
Build a determination of steel
I shall be the witness
Of how you helped yourself
Don’t ever lose your zeal.

© Taruchaya

Frida Kahlo #writer’s digest #aprpad #Day 4 Challenge # prompt Pick a painter and write your poem

Frida Kahlo

Though deformed by polio,

her artistic works stood tall.

The Queen of self-portraits;

“Frame” on Louvre’s wall.

She drew her pain and agony

and knew herself the best.

Painting her own life story-

broken heart, mind’s unrest.

Uniquely and truly Mexican.

She drew her own fragility.

Symbolically portraying pain;

this surrealist painters reality.

True to herself and her art.

Her death took away all pain.

Though Frida hoped never to return,

but in her art she shall remain.

© Taruchaya

Omen #writer’s digest #nationalpoetry month # aprpad # Day 3 prompt About an animal

Photo © Taruchaya

The black cat glances through green eyes.
People begin to wait.. for the befalling bad omen on their fate
if they cross paths with the intimidating feline.
Superstitious learned humans born to berate!

Yet there are people who feel entitled to comment,
preying upon unknown unintimidating passing women
No matter what they wear…they scan…they stare.
Cat-caller Custodians of Modesty or real bad omen.

© Taruchaya

#aprpad # Writer’s Digest Poem A Day Challenge Day 2 # prompt Worst case or Best case poem or both.

Photo © Taruchaya

A Miracle

Droopy eyelids opened, lips quivered and gasped.
“What’s the time dear?” the startled husband asked.
“Damn the snooze button. Its five past eight!
You better rush now or you are going to be late.”

The husband almost tripped while getting off the bed.
“Please prepare a quick breakfast,” he almost pleaded.
He brushed, bathed and took breakfast in parahuman speed.
The wife wondered, “My husband is Superman indeed!”

With a quick prayer he called upon the name of the Lord,
wishing a miracle clears the traffic on its own accord.
But God, as we know, is the Supreme Game-Master.
The snailing queues of vehicles couldn’t move any faster.

The day moved on with its usual huff and puff.
Tuesdays are terrible, tiring and too tough.
The evening was demonic – no space on the bus.
The husband hailed a cab & squeezed in -all in a rush.

To catch the next cab he got down and paid the fare.
His wallet fell down but he was unaware.
He crossed the road and stopped to check his pocket.
Lo and behold…there was no trace of his wallet!

Few currency notes, important ID’s and credit card-
all gone…he panicked…his breathing became hard.
He searched for the wallet – ran here and there.
But his worn out wallet was found nowhere.

Defeated he called his wife, ” Darling, I’m stranded.”
Told her everything and waited empty handed.
She picked him up and tried to give solace.
Rear view mirror showed her husband’s sad face.

“Everything will be fine,” they consoled one another.
The stress was inevitable – sleep vanished further.
He woke up before the alarm buzzed.
Started getting ready with his hopes all crushed.

When suddenly the doorbell rang – a man stood outside.
“I found your wallet yesterday. Can I come inside?
I found your address in your ID last night.
It was late but I understood your plight.

So I came as early as I could before office time.”
Was he God or an angel? His aura was sublime.
They thanked the man from the bottom of their heart.
Wednesday just got a miraculous start!

God has His ways – His angels are abound.
In good deeds and people His miracles can be found.

© Taruchaya

Chase the Sun #aprpad # writer’s digest Day 1 #prompt “morning” Poem 2

Photo © Taruchaya

Chase the Sun

“Did we just skip Sunday?”
asked the student with a sigh.
The teacher replied sweetly,
“Looks like the chances are very high.
Stop mourning Monday mornings…
See a new day – a new month has begun.
Pull up your socks and get ready
Its time to chase the sun!”

© Taruchaya