Sunset #writer’s digest #aprpad Day 26 #prompt evening poem

Photo © Taruchaya


There are people who dream at dawn,
sleep till sun rises high.
Wake at nine with a yawn
and get to work with a sigh.

Sunrise is for an active person
who likes to chase the sun.
Every morning brings new reason
and lots of work to be done.

I’m a true lover of sunset.
The citrine glow allures me.
All worries vanish – nothing to fret.
Evenings are enticingly lovely.

I love to see the changing sky
turn yellow to red, orange or pink.
Homeward bound the birds will fly.
Stars will smile and blink.

© Taruchaya

Evolution #writer’s digest #aprpad Day 25 #prompt exile poem


Exiled from the womb of mother,
the newborn baby cries of grief.
Maybe a son or maybe a daughter;
like springtime’s tiny new leaf.
No placenta covering protectively.
No familiar rhythm of heartbeats.
The baby calms down instinctively,
in the arms that lovingly greets.
A whole new world awaits now
Everything is totally different.
Learning to do what and how
Taking one step at a moment.
That is how we evolve,
from infancy to old age.
Our destiny is to solve
the complexities of every stage.

© Taruchaya

Completely natural #writer’s digest #aprpad Day 24 #prompt Complete….

Photo © Taruchaya

Completely natural

All struggles are scarily real
for you, me and everyone.
Earnestly fighting to survive
is completely natural.

Men and women toil hard
to provide for and nurture the family.
End of day exhaustion
is completely natural.

Babies are seldom fussy.
Kids get annoyingly demanding.
Incidents of emotional meltdown
is completely natural.

Tears are not just a “girl thing.”
Strong men too can cry.
Letting go of painful memories
is completely natural.

Life has its ups and downs
Some wounds heal, some don’t.
Hiding the tears behind smiles
is completely natural.

We live to strive – we fail, we win.
We keep on moving ahead.
Living your life; come what may
is completely natural.

© Taruchaya

Free-willed #writer’s digest #aprpad Day 23 #prompt free/unfree poem

Photo © Taruchaya

We don’t value what is free
Like the air that we breathe
The rain, snow, mist or heat
The blessings of parents or elders
Tagging along with brother on errands
The company of unusual friends
The unconditional love of pets
The trust of a little child
This world is mad and wild
But we do envy what we haven’t got
Run after things beyond our reach
Oh well… everyone loves to preach!
This balance of the perfect mismatch
Makes us what we are
We are free-willed humans…so far!

© Taruchaya

Letter to my Closet #writer’s digest #aprpad Day 22 #prompt correspondence poem

Letter to my Closet

Dear Closet,
How are you doing? Hope you are fine.
Its the first time I’m writing to you.
I’ve been busy in my routine life.
What experiences are you going through?

The movies told me you hide monsters.
Curious, I peeped, but found none.
Let me tell you…I was disappointed-
You should’ve hidden at least one.

Like my present state of mind,
you are in a state of disarray.
So lets just be friends for a little while
and sort the unnecessary clutter away.

You are full of dresses I hardly wear
like an ancient library…of clothes!!
Some still have the smell of past.
Some have the musty smell I loathe.

Oh you are good at keeping secrets!
I still couldn’t find the chocolate I hid.
Did you give it to the invisible monster
that I longed to see when I was a kid?

We’ll be in touch now…
preferably regularly.
Waiting for your reply…
I’m yours truly!!

© Taruchaya

Sketch of You #writer’s digest #aprpad Day 21 # prompt sketch poem

Photo © Taruchaya
Sketch of You
You are the joy of my life
that often overwhelms me.
Pencil in hand, I try to draw
a sketch of you…as I see.
Maybe I’m a little biased
like your Daddy teasingly says.
“Why shouldn’t I?” is my usual retort.
I’m with you always.
You’re my little impish elf,
mischief- making machine!
I hate that you’re growing up…
I’m wary of the unseen.
You have the magic to calm me down
by a warm hug or a sticky kiss.
Please don’t grow up, my baby boy!
Your childhood is my bliss
© Taruchaya

C’est la vie #writer’s digest #aprpad Day 20 #prompt dark poem

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C’est la vie

The dark outline makes more vivid
an amber-hued Monarch.
We tend to appreciate light more
after facing the dark.

The black-eyed girl stays in memory
for the mystery black incites.
Pain is always painted dark-
its rhyme difficult to recite.

Deeper the emotions, darker they are
as they coagulate to become thick.
Some are revealed…some stay hidden,
some change gradually or too quick.

The dark empowers…the dark overpowers.
What can we do; c’est la vie
The darkness of closed eyes is so much better
than the dark open eyes often see.

But why scorn or fear it
when we can be the torch in the dark.
If it echoes no song of hope,
We can be our own Skylark.

This sheet of paper is ruled and white
The ink that writes is black and dark.
I hope the words that I write here
are able to leave their wilful mark.

© Taruchaya

License to be Me #writer’s digest #aprpad Day 19 #prompt license poem

Photo © Taruchaya

License to be Me

Can I ask you something?
Is it very wrong to do
what you feel is right?
If words come upto
the tip of your lips,
to speak or not you can’t decide.

If you feel lonely and low,
is it okay to hum
a little song of bliss
to lift your fallen spirit
or gather pearls of joy,
to seek whatever you feel amiss?

If you feel confined within
the walls of daily life,
is it unfair to set your heart free?
Or dream of a bridge of rainbow
over the shadowed clouds?
Do I need a license to be just me?

© Taruchaya

Little bits of Moondust #writer’s digest #aprpad Day 18 poem 2#prompt Little ….

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Little Bits of Moondust
Little bits of Moondust
sparkling in the sky.
Maybe our lost ones
waving to say ” Oh Hi! “
Beeming with happiness
like the heavenly Sprite.
Safely carrying wishes
on falling streaks of light.
Stars give wings to dreams.
Hope gives them their spark.
They’re little bits of Moondust
that illumine the dark.
© Taruchaya

Our Little Breakfast Story #writer’s digest #aprpad Day 18 Poem 1 #prompt Little…

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Our Little Breakfast Story
One perfectly poached egg
on a large slice of bread,
a little salt, a little pepper
and some extra butter spread.
But that’s only Daddy ‘s breakfast.
What about the picky little boy?
Anything that has chocolate in it
gives him abundant joy.
And what would Mommy eat?
Perhaps a little bowl of cereal.
She being a little carelessly lazy,
that bowl is nothing less than imperial!
© Taruchaya