Being Lazy

Photo © Taruchaya

Being lazy

Being lazy is an Art
It is stressful – working in thoughts.
The body is at constant rest,
while the mind gets tangled in knots.

And what kind of thoughts?
I daresay, they are boundless!
Like hopping from here to there,

Waiting is a daunting task,
when you don’t know why to wait.
Whiling away the time is harder,
while you forget even today’s date!

The mood fluctuates sharply –
from bored, frustrated to sad.
And makes poets out of people…
like me- Am I too bad?

© Taruchaya

Dream and Dance

Shall I share my dream of open eyes?
I climbed up the stairs of star,
twirled like the halo around the moon
and caressed the blushed cheeks of Mars.

I let my heart have its will –
drenched in the rain it danced.
Peeking from the curtains of silver clouds,
the sunrays glittered golden around.

I set myself free – dream all I want.
I’m feeling rejuvenated again.
I let go of the memories I hated –
the dejection, rejection and pain.

So dance, my heart, without a care!
Twirl all you want – you are free.
Feel the love and breathe in the joy.
Be your own fairy fantasy!

© Taruchaya

Which Colour Do You See?

I used to be a pink person…
still love the hues of pink
when sky becomes a canvas
and sun sets in a blink.
Now I like a bit of blue …
the waves entice me more
The salty breeze…the sand on feet…
the footprints on the shore.
But I’m guilty again
I glance at green too long
The trees bearing sweet fruits
can never ever go wrong.
Shh…i hear the thunder
There comes fluffs of grey
Drench me in your love…
take all the silly worries away!
Isn’t this life magical?
Which colour do you see?
Pick any moment you want
and set your heart free!

© Taruchaya

Its Upto Me and You

Photo © Taruchaya

The clouds can have wings too.
The air can smell colours.
Its up to me and you,
whether we see clearly or just blurs.

Moments get lost at times.
Dreams get buried in snow.
Life’s clock silently chimes.
We have nowhere to go!

We walk over thin ice…
shattering beneath the feet.
Memories have no price.
Present is bittersweet

The sun scorches all day.
The moon soothes the burns.
The stars in Milky way,
wink and twinkle in turns.

Since the time we are born,
our life buzzes like bees.
The wheel of time goes on,
until the soul gets release

Is there an Afterlife?
Perhaps another question mark.
What remains is memories rife
or else just moments stark!

© Taruchaya


Photo © Taruchaya


There is a strange beauty in flaws.
Feel alive…take a pause!
the ladybug with polka dots,
or the Giraffe’s weird brown spots.
the sketches on Moon’s white face,
like graffiti on a glowing surface.
at the mole right over the lips.
the tears of joy that slips.
the freckles on the cheek.
the dark eyes that silently speak.
the wrinkled hands that caress.
the broken speech that bless.
in the puddles while it rains.
the coffee mug lipstick stains.

Flaws are good…we are creations divine.
Relax… imperfection is perfectly fine!

© Taruchaya

Killing Dracula

(Courtesy Google)

Killing Dracula

The blood sucking monster
dug his teeth deep.
Sucked the blood wine,
when I was fast asleep.
Satisfied with the taste,
intoxicated he settled down-
Licked his stained lips,
when I woke up with a frown.
He had no black cape,
but had wings instead.
The Dreaded Dracula flew
right over my head.
He mocked me with a smile,
while I muttered under my breath.
Swiftly I clapped my hands
and he was smashed to death.
Call me a murderer,
but it was self defense.
Yes, I killed the mosquito
And that’s not a punishable offense!

© Taruchaya

Don’t Stop #writer’s digest #aprpad Day 30 #prompt stop/don’t stop poem

Photo © Taruchaya

Don’t Stop

Where the world seems to end,
there is always a new beginning.
The sun has to descend
every efficacious evening.
The earth doesn’t halt –
it revolves around the sun.
Its not the stars’ fault,
if a few fall from sky…undone.
The plants take time to grow
but once they do, flowers bloom.
Trees bearing fruits bow low…
butterflies dispel all gloom.
The waves caress the shore.
The ocean hides oysters within.
Nature has treasures in store.
Don’t stop…let life begin.

© Taruchaya

Make me a child again #writer’s digest #aprpad Day 29 #prompt “____ again” poem

Photo © Taruchaya

Make me a child again

Maa, wrap me in your arms
and sing the old lullaby again.
Sleep plays hide and seek at night,
can I rest on your lap again?

Let me close my eyes
and dream of fairyland again.
The storm has passed over now,
can you untangle my hair again?

The air has a different fragrance,
I want to smell your love again.
I still stumble like a clumsy girl,
can you help me stand again?

Crowd makes me nervous even now,
I want to hide behind you again.
Silence has silenced my words,
can you help me talk again?

Somewhere I have fallen behind,
I need to search myself again.
I’m ageing with the drift of time,
can you make me a child again?

© Taruchaya

Journey #writer’s digest #aprpad Day 28 # prompt remix poem

Photo © Taruchaya

(Day 27 prompt- direction. Lines incorporated from Where the River Flows)

Do you find it strange as we move forward
we think about what we left behind?
The time… place…moments…memories
the quietness of mind
The road imprints on land -while travelers anticipate
what might lie ahead
Trees stretching their arms, trying to burst clouds
bouncing and bubbling overhead
The grey bearded sky snoring in thunders
Mountains covered in green blankets
Stream echoing through the woods
Rain tinkling its pearly anklets
“Fearless and feral the river flows;
crossing forests, meadows and towns alike.
Crashing against the shore or dyke
towards the journey’s end it chose.”
Savouring the quietness
with a steaming cup of tea
We set out again – the road awaits
and so does a new journey.

© Taruchaya

Where the River Flows #writer’s digest #aprpad Day 27 #prompt direction poem

Photo © Taruchaya

Where the River Flows

The river carves its zigzag way
through the hard surface of rocks.
Tirelessly it keeps on giving sharp knocks
till the boisterous boulders break away.

Up and down, over and under
it echoes a roaring laughter so wild,
that the weeds sway in a rhythm beguiled
by the breeze that breathes in wonder.

Moving forward with great force
towards a destination far away
Leaving its trail on the left to stay
to the right – onto the right course.

Fearless and feral the river flows;
crossing forests, meadows and towns alike.
Crashing against the shore or dyke
towards the journey’s end it chose.

It meets the sea or the opal ocean;
shimmers and simmers as it calms down.
Like a Queen wearing a dazzling crown
who rightfully attracts the world’s attention.

© Taruchaya