Let’s hide

Let’s hide

Closed eyes open the doors of the mind –
Memories mischievously peep from behind.

Black and white flashbacks turn many-hued,
when Bougainvilleas play Spring’s prelude

As flaming red merged with drizzles of white,
creating a flurry of magenta so bright.

Ever wondered at hummingbirds and bees?
How do they endure the thorns with ease?

Crushed bracts often left me red-handed.
Curious fingers got ‘Bougainvillea branded’.

A lost voice often resonates within me,
Let’s hide again under the Bougainvillea tree.

© Taruchaya

Countdown: T-minus 10 to Writer’s Digest’s April PAD challenge. Prompt ‘Let’s_____’

Published by Taruchaya

I'm the vast azure sky...I always look up very high. I'm the indefatigable air...my mark is present everywhere. I'm the water of ocean and sea...you just can't live without me. I'm the unrestrained fire. I'm a secret desire. I'm the ineffable earth. I'm ineluctable since birth !!

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