The Jellyfish

The Jellyfish

Drifting in the grey sea
Floating along the swell
Listless seemed to me
The critter made of gel

Curious, I searched online
And this is what I know
The jellyfish thrives in brine
They are glassy and hollow

No lungs to help breathe
No heart that beats in sync
No blood flowing beneath
No brain to let it think

Yet it carries the hum of the sea
In its non existent heart
Unperturbed, its will is free
and it’s hope doesn’t fall apart

It propels itself to the surface
while tentacles act like roots
The jellyfish floats with grace
drifting in dreamy pursuits.

© Taruchaya

Published by Taruchaya

I'm the vast azure sky...I always look up very high. I'm the indefatigable mark is present everywhere. I'm the water of ocean and just can't live without me. I'm the unrestrained fire. I'm a secret desire. I'm the ineffable earth. I'm ineluctable since birth !!

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