Pity vs Admiration

Would you pity a lone bird or admire it’s courage to stay aloof from the sound of idly flapping wings?

Loneliness is often a choice (ask the introverts) …not a punishment. Its okay to pause a while to plan the steps to be taken ahead. Its okay to shift gears or skip to something you actually want to do. Its okay to make mistakes so that you know what not to do in future. Don’t let the outside chaos create chaos in your mind. Don’t let pity hurt your self respect. You don’t owe the world anything if the world doesn’t bother about the real you.

Admire your strengths…embrace your flaws…even a delicate rose is born on a stem with thorns…there are still oasis to be found amidst a hot desertdon’t let pity or taunts create doubt in you for its you who knows yourself the best. Don’t give up on yourself. Admire yourself first…

© Taruchaya


Video edited by me. Song credit Alec Benjamin “Let me down slowly”

Let me chase the bewitching butterfly…

My happiness is sometimes white like the cloud…

Someday it shall playfully flutter by….

Someday it shall hide from the crowd.

I know I won’t ever try to bother,
for I shall rather wait for it to pause.

Someday we might stare at each other…

and celebrate each others’ flaws!

© Taruchaya