Hold my hand again!

Photo © Taruchaya

Hold my Hand Again

While learning to walk I clung into you.
You’ve been my raincoat in the rain.
Even if I never ask you to,
will you hold my hand again?

You gave me roots that are still strong.
You gave me wings to fly.
The roots kept me grounded all along-
limited was the length of my sky!

As time passed by…
bigger grew my disdain.
And I learned to lie…
I learned how to feign.

I know I never made you proud.
I must have been a difficult child.
Though I never asked this aloud-
Father, why was I exiled?

But on certain days like this,
I try not to cringe or complain.
Even now when I fall, all I want is
for you to hold my hand again!

© Taruchaya


Photo ©Taruchaya

Who is the biggest hypocrite…
The one who defies his heart’s voice,
or the one who doesn’t accept
someone else’s opinion and choice?

We fail to acknowledge the problem.
We find excuses…we tell ourselves lies,
fake smiles…act at random,
drink our sorrows with lonely sighs.

The celebratory lights have no meaning
when there is darkness within.
The end leads to a hoax beginning –
God is nothing more than the Devil’s twin!

It’s not weakness that kills someone…
it’s the lack of understanding.
Some actions can’t be undone –
our hearts are rapidly contracting.

© Taruchaya

The Listeners

© Taruchaya
The Listeners

Just a pair of patient ears
is what we need sometimes.
Someone who stays…someone who cares
Someone not afraid of emotional grimes.

Not all are vocal about what they feel-
someone might be a quiet secret keeper.
A fragile heart encased in steel,
but with cracks that run deeper.

It takes millions years for a fossil to form,
and  a million moments to mould a person.
It’s hard to decipher the calm before a storm.
Everyone has a different version.

Ever tried listening to someone…
their hidden sorrows and pain?
So many things are left unspoken-
would you like to try again?

© Taruchaya

When The Moon Falls

Pool at home © Taruchaya

When the Moon falls

The moon dropped from the sky
and fell into the pool.
No one heard it’s pleading cry.
We are perhaps deaf and cruel.

I saw it wriggling on the surface
at the edge of pool’s water.
Like an oyster shell forced to uncase
snatched and scratched for slaughter!

Dead leaves drowned with grief-
bodies scattered at the pool’s bottom.
Their lives were sorrowfully brief.
They’ve been conveniently forgotten.

Can’t help musing over the fact
that the moon can fall down too.
Perhaps it didn’t get a chance to react and no one came to it’s rescue!

Did I see it wincing in great pain
or they were mere ripples in the pool?
Even in the dark dusk rain
the fallen moon looked miniscule.