If Only You Believe


If Only You Believe

Ever wondered how beautiful it would be,
if an insomniac could blissfully sleep.
If the deaf could hear…the blind could see
and the mute could happily speak.

If the pessimist could cling to hope,
the atheist could believe in divinity.
If the depressed could learn to cope
with the barrage of human negativity.

If the homeless had a home,
the poor had enough to sustain.
The caged could freely roam
and the world could find peace again.

Reality is built on a dream
that once seemed hard to achieve.
When you learn to swim against the stream,
good things happen…if only you believe.

© Taruchaya




Where they might be going…
steadily marching in a line?
The army was ever growing…
I stopped counting after ninety nine.

They snaked across the kitchen wall,
seldom crouching behind the jar.
Their clambering feet were small
and destination was little far.

Taking care of each other,
purposely they marched along.
Who was I to dare bother?
Their resolution was too strong.

And when they reached the target,
their reward turned out sweet.
An army of ants gobbled my chocolate,
I didn’t even get crumbs to eat!