Pondering over Seasons

Photo © Taruchaya

The seasons seem to be in a crisis
Latecomers don’t want to leave.
The Spring sprang like a surprise
But soon started to pant and heave.

The Summer was all powerful
Blazing rays with burning breeze
Even the puffed up clouds got thirsty
And the Earth cracked with unease.

The Rain came shying gingerly later
We found a little respite from the heat
Until so many States were flooded
Submerging every home and street

November has just set foot
The air is little moist and dense
The Sun sets earlier than before
Tendrils have covered the fence.

The year-end is not too far
Vacation plans are all done
No fall colors but bright lights here
Autumn’s festive dance has begun

Kids are waiting for December
Who doesn’t like the Winter Vacation?
A week’s outing can do no harm
No Office, no School – only relaxation!

Do Seasons comprise a Year
or a Year is made up of Seasons?
Sitting by the window on a November night
I ponder and search for reasons.