Photo © Taruchaya


The tiles are getting slippery
Tread lightly, they said
The water diluted by continuous rain
Floating leaves- some brown, some red

I see the pool from my window-
the rain-fed chaos on the surface
Water dancing on water
splashing all over the place

And when this dance is over,
the clouds scatter with a sigh
The sun yawns and stretches its limbs
gradually wetness begins to dry

The leaves drip liquid crystals
The buzz of the busy bees resume
The grass rejoices its muddy roots
while the mud spreads nostalgic perfume

So there goes my thoughts
on their usual haphazard way
Senses stirring my invisible soul
Painting words on a random day

© Taruchaya


Photo © Taruchaya

We can’t change everything.
Things happen on their own way.
We can’t have sun blazing all night
or see the stars shining at day.

We can’t ask leaves to bloom
or the flowers to shed like leaves.
We can’t ask Winter to warm us
or Summer to wear woollen sleeves.

We can’t be happy when we’re sad
or laugh in intense pain.
Snow cannot fall from the scorching sun.
Moon can’t avoid its own wax and wane.

The birds shall always fly.
The winds shall always blow.
The leaves will always sway.
The clouds will wander slow.

And we shall watch in awe,
our evolution…our history.
The magnificent Cosmos we live in –
Nature’s ever-changing mystery.

© Taruchaya