Photo © Taruchaya

We hate dust… don’t we?
Those little specs making us sneeze
as we inhale the regularity of mundane life.
And exhale the day that ended-
another one will follow in hours and minutes.
Wiping them off the study table
and the LED lamp dim with age.
Dust filling the gaps on the shelf
where books lay silently buried.
The creased bed sheet- a scene of chaos.
making the single child culprit,
as he jumped and played all evening
with imaginary friends and mute toys.
There’s dust on the windowsill
and the grill that barricades it.
The pool below glimmers in silence-
carrying dropped feathers and dead leaves.
The road outside is dusty too
treaded upon by countless people
Known or unknown faces- expressionless.
Always in a rush…like a routine or habit.
And then there’s dust that falls on memory
making moments hard to remember
Just hazy remnants to recall
Distant voices, dreams, smells or feelings.
Sometimes cringing at the familiarity
or craving the warmth of welcome arms.
When death erases every existence
what remains is only dust of memories.

© Taruchaya

Being Lazy

Photo © Taruchaya

Being lazy

Being lazy is an Art
It is stressful – working in thoughts.
The body is at constant rest,
while the mind gets tangled in knots.

And what kind of thoughts?
I daresay, they are boundless!
Like hopping from here to there,

Waiting is a daunting task,
when you don’t know why to wait.
Whiling away the time is harder,
while you forget even today’s date!

The mood fluctuates sharply –
from bored, frustrated to sad.
And makes poets out of people…
like me- Am I too bad?

© Taruchaya