Photo © Taruchaya

Our perception is colour blocked.

It is not just light or dark.

A single ray piercing through the water drops

can create a majestic rainbow arc.

Why be a Knight who sets off to seek

some mystery treasure or unknown quest?

Why chase some dream that is not your own?

Why cage the mind; cause heart’s unrest?

Why beg for love or yearn for a friend?

Why smother your voice – subdue your heartbeat?

The twinkle you want to see in someone’s eyes

do that for yourself – don’t accept defeat.

The world doesn’t dictate your destiny.

The cacophony of crickets shall stay.

Don’t let the rasping get to you.

Don’t let the poison in – don’t go astray.

Laugh out loud; giggle all you want.

Don’t be ashamed to be just ordinary.

Defeat your demons – in triumph then scream

I’m a fighter & writer of my enchanting story.

© Taruchaya

Published by Taruchaya

I'm the vast azure sky...I always look up very high. I'm the indefatigable mark is present everywhere. I'm the water of ocean and just can't live without me. I'm the unrestrained fire. I'm a secret desire. I'm the ineffable earth. I'm ineluctable since birth !!

One thought on “Perception

  1. Wonderful perception of life and your self confidence. Always carry-on your dream to be fulfilled. Sky is the limit. And I am sure, you will achieve the beautiful ‘sky’ very soon.


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