Photo © Taruchaya

Our perception is colour blocked.

It is not just light or dark.

A single ray piercing through the water drops

can create a majestic rainbow arc.

Why be a Knight who sets off to seek

some mystery treasure or unknown quest?

Why chase some dream that is not your own?

Why cage the mind; cause heart’s unrest?

Why beg for love or yearn for a friend?

Why smother your voice – subdue your heartbeat?

The twinkle you want to see in someone’s eyes

do that for yourself – don’t accept defeat.

The world doesn’t dictate your destiny.

The cacophony of crickets shall stay.

Don’t let the rasping get to you.

Don’t let the poison in – don’t go astray.

Laugh out loud; giggle all you want.

Don’t be ashamed to be just ordinary.

Defeat your demons – in triumph then scream

I’m a fighter & writer of my enchanting story.

© Taruchaya