Life Insane

For those who live in the window world
Perceive through the lens of a window pane
The cozy nest within walls bit troubled
Crazed eyes gazing at the life insane

Men who butcher at the drop of a hat
Women who cuss and swear at random
Brainwashed youth in suicidal combat
Tyranny and terrorism unleashed in tandem

No wall is there so strong and secure
To guard against any form of oppression
The war engulfs all – minds obscure
Bloodied hands desperate for redemption

No place remains for monsters to hide
No forgiveness for monstrous cruelty
Martyrdom is not for demons who died
Undeserving of any tears, prayers or pity

© Taruchaya

Published by Taruchaya

I'm the vast azure sky...I always look up very high. I'm the indefatigable mark is present everywhere. I'm the water of ocean and just can't live without me. I'm the unrestrained fire. I'm a secret desire. I'm the ineffable earth. I'm ineluctable since birth !!

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