Years have passed
Time has changed
But what changed the most
Are Tears!!

Moments were emotional
So was I
I grew cold
All these years

Little drops flowed
like a salty pearl
Now it flows inwards
And disappears

Hiding in facade
my tattered soul
Wishing to decompose
in silent prayers

Disillusioned and disoriented
I close my eyes
Drowning in dilemma
wounded with spears!

© Taruchaya

The Blessed Raindrops

Photo © Taruchaya

Some say they are God’s tears
Some call it God’s mercy
For some it is melody to ears
For some an angel’s prophesy

I watch them fall carelessly
spluttering and splashing every moment
They drench the earth ceaselessly
and laugh to their heart’s content

O these blessed raindrops!
bring so much of relief
Trickling down the treetops
Rejuvenating each petal and leaf

The angry air calms down steadily
There’s a lush growth of vegetation around
Crickets and frogs sing merrily
in the pools formed on the ground

Call it God’s tears…or simply-Rain
I call it the shower of love
It soothes away all fears and pain
Its a gift of God from above

O these blessed raindrops!
Always praise the Universal King.
Until the heavenly music stops
They splutter,splash and sing!

© Taruchaya

Past, Present And Future

Photo © Taruchaya

They say past is gone,future has not yet arrived
all we have with us is our present.
But if we stop for a moment & think deeper,
we’ll find these words quite irrelevant.
We cherish the memories of the past & plan our future;
that’s the way we spend each single day.
This is what I call the actual way of life-
Its a truth I just can’t ignore away.
The world has taught us to move further in life,
because it’s of no use to brood over a bizarre past.
But its true we can’t erase the scars left behind-
wounds heal slowly;we can’t recover too fast.
Future is a beautiful dream;truly unpredictable.
We do plan for it but its a mere speculation.
If we want to make our dreams come true,
we’ll need a vision, honest efforts & determination.
Now the question arises,”Then,what is ‘present’?”
Its a phase where past and future meet;
where the foundation is laid down by the past
and brick by brick the future is conceived.

© Taruchaya