A Child’s World

photo ©Taruchaya


I wish a child’s life could be easy
and simple just like A, B and C
Where he could be contented and free
And laughter wouldn’t vanish at the count of three.
The pencil has a cold hard heart of lead
May his heart remain pure and soft instead
And every night when he goes to bed
May he sleep with happy thoughts in his head
A child knows no difference between friend and foe
Wherever he finds love, there he shall go
Not everyone can be trusted, he doesn’t know
Emotionally he can be easily manipulated though
This world is wicked, tainted and dangerous
Any normal day can change ominous
People can be demons- heartless and treacherous
May his world stay uncomplicated and joyous

© Taruchaya

The Dandelion

It was a bright sunny morning

when I woke up from a dream

I walked around pointed stones and thorns

and reached a euphonious stream


It was a bright sunny morning

when I woke up from a dream

I walked around pointed stones and thorns

and reached a euphonious stream


The spiders sunbathed on the boulders

The crickets chirped in the bushes

The tadpoles swam lazily in the stream

while the water sang in soft whooshes


The butterflies fluttered around the trees

chasing after one another

The dragonflies whizzed past them

and watched out for each other


I stopped at the edge of water

admiring the dried up dandelion

The breeze carried away its seeds

and dispersed them into oblivion


I wondered how it really must feel

carried away from where you belong

To some unknown land across the rivers

where everything seems so wrong


Home sweet home – that was the Dandelion

But I was displaced so far away

The fate of seeds are inevitable

I grow to witness my gradual decay.


© Taruchaya

The Mirror

The mirror isn’t true as it seems to be
It only shows what we want to see
And hides what we are afraid to face
The scars, the burns- suffering’s trace
It shows the tears but not turmoil
It shows the steam but not the boil
It shows the smile on bruised lips
The nail paint on broken fingertips
The sunglasses covering swollen eyes
Relationships based on myriad lies
A predator inside the happy family
The acid attacker waiting in the alley
The deliberate push in a crowded bus
The manager desiring illicit favor from us
The pinch on chest in a packed theater
Blame it on the pretty dress of her
The guy whose expertise is eve teasing
Lecherous old men self pleasing
Stalking is their fundamental right
Atrocities committed in broad daylight
The mirror sees them – one and all
It makes the victim look so small
The conscienceless grins at his own image
while society feels not an ounce of outrage
We prefer to keep our lips sealed
Taught to ignore- harassment concealed
Those with no voice,have no enemy
Close your eyes, it’ll vanish – isn’t this easy?
© Taruchaya

Devalsari – a treat to all senses

I walked down the narrow path
scattered with twigs and stones
It ran along the hillock

Lined with tall trees full of cones

Leisurely fluttered the butterflies
The monkeys gingerly peeped
The trees swayed in unison
The insects buzzed and beeped
The giggling little village stream
meandered around the boulders
The dragonflies soaked in the sun
with golden wings on their shoulders
The sunflowers smiled with joy
The birds sang songs of bliss
The bells jingled on the neck of cattle
The clouds gave the sky a kiss
It was a treat to all senses
The smell, the sound and the sight
The memory gives so much pleasure
It can make a heavy heart so light
I feel alive again
I’m sentient – I hope, I trust
The concrete world around me
Hasn’t yet turned me into dust
© Taruchaya