The Newspaper

Bold or Italics
Bold seeks attention
Italics can speak
when words sound weak

Everything is news
Celebration or Tragedy
Printed precisely
then folded nicely

Void of emotions
Seldom void of sense
Hard reality stabs
or people taking jabs

Some things are important
Some are merely gossip
Mostly Politics and Sports
or Business Reports

We read and forget
And then we move on
Truth tapers – words caper
Life is a Newspaper

© Taruchaya

The Sky

© Taruchaya

The Sky has been weeping
Raining tears of loss
Memories come creeping
Life went for a toss

The Sky has been angry
Lightning spewing wrath
Nothing left to agree
Pushed on a different path

The Sky has been grieving
Thunder roaring in pain
The mind is absolutely heaving
With thoughts equally insane

The Sky is quiet now
Choked with cruel revelations
Broken hearts stormed a vow
Betrayed by blood relations

Nothing can be done
Nothing can be changed
Nothing left to outrun
When God himself is deranged.

© Taruchaya