The Lake

So there’s this lovely large lake,
in the heart of a mountain.
The water is pristine, not fake.
Its surrounded by tricky terrain.

Its hard to reach that place.
But Oh, once you are there!
This embodiment of beauty and grace
creates a calming effect in the air.

Adorned by petals floating over,
when Spring blows a sweet kiss.
Then the fishes dancing in Summer
is a sight not to miss.

Diamonds fall from the sky.
The Rain splatters in glee.
Amber leaves of the Maple get shy,
when Autumn sheds them from the tree.

And when Heaven spreads its cape,
A flurry of snow must fall.
Winter touches the lake’s nape.
Frozen perfectly- it embraces all.

Such is the place I envision casually,
when my mind needs to break free.
Eyes closed – I float gradually.
Letting the water heal me.


© Taruchaya