Heads or Tails

“Heads, we get married; tails, we break up.” My heart sank when this echoed into my ears. Is it that simple – to decide your fate with one toss? He looked tense when he said these words. He wasn’t looking at me but I followed his gaze towards the last bench on the right.
A collage of memories flashed on my mind. Everything was going on as usual but I didn’t know my ordinary life would take an extraordinary turn soon. We had met two years back at this same hospital. It wasn’t love at first sight. Honestly, I never had time for love…but love tiptoed into my life with ‘purrfect’ timing! Our eyes met for two seconds and I forgot my pain. I didn’t even whimper when the doctor pricked me with the needle. Those disgusting medicines weren’t disgusting anymore and hospital was like ‘heaven.’ Then on we never missed or cribbed about those frustrating doctor’s appointment.

The first time we came really close was at the elevator and I wished the elevator stops working so that I could have his company for a little while more. Ah! Those innocent hazel eyes and long golden hair was so irresistible. I looked at him from the corner of my eyes…you can say that I was covertly prying but I just couldn’t handle the urge to do so. I could smell him distinctly and I stood close by just in case we brush against each other when the elevator door opens. I longed to see him again and again and again!

“You have lovely shining green eyes,” he remarked feeling awkward when he spoke to me for the first time. I smiled; understanding this well that he had complemented my shiny hair and green eyes. We relished each other’s glimpse and finally mischief of love began. We would put on a deliberate act that we aren’t well so that we could meet at the hospital. Sometimes we would coincidentally meet at the cafe and wonder at our good luck. You can’t blame me if I honestly confess that every time I saw other females gazing at him, it roused something feline within me like jealousy. But his hazel eyed loving gaze melted me like ice-cream.

Life was good. It was the best that I could ever have imagined. But when the rose tinted glasses of romance faded, we were left with the dilemma of choice…we had to choose our journey of life together by telling (rather compelling) our parents to meet or tearfully part ways because our friends always mocked we were an unconventional couple. Perhaps telling our families wasn’t that tough but the perspective of our friends shook our confidence. How could our differences be something worth scrutinizing when being unconventional is ‘in vogue’? Even our city and state are unconventional with a mix of cultures, money, fashion, caste etc. within the city of Los Angeles and combination of desert, mountains, ocean, lakes, waterfalls, beaches, etc. in California State. Critical comments are just farce!

But the time for decision had come. Love isn’t something to keep under wraps like a dog keeps his bones! My flashback phase ended. Tears were glimmering in my eyes when I looked at the last bench on the right keeping not the fingers but my hands crossed for positive probability sake. The hospital wasn’t crowded that day. At the far end, two rather old dogs were sitting near the bench while their owners were talking with the vet. With a throbbing heart I watched the dogs get up when their master signaled. They moved their heads together before wagging their tails.

“It’s heads!” I looked at him with tears of joy. The hazel eyes of a handsome Golden Retriever once again met the green eyes of a silver Ragamuffin cat! Our love shall conquer the hearts of everyone…sooner or later.

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