What is hope?
Is it the dew drops on the leaves
on a misty autumn morning?
Is it the galaxy of stars
on a deep dark summer sky?
Is it the cool drops of rain
on the parched sandy desert?
Is it the first ray of sun
on the snowy blanket over grass?

So what is hope, i ask again?
Hope is a profound word.
Its perspective constantly changes
Like the phases of the moon.
That’s how Nature depicts hope.
Bit by bit the moon grows
and diminishes in the same way,
until darkness consumes it altogether.
Again it arcs into the infinite sky…



When in the nights of loneliness,
grief cries out of tremendous pain;
leaving some tears in the eyes of happiness –
gasping for a breath of relief…but all in vain.
The mind becomes clogged and is ready to blast.
The heart sinks with the load of the past.
The body groans with the injuries it bears.
The soul seems to choke with many fears.

But faith makes a man able and strong,
to face every difficulty and wrong.
A moonless sky also has many stars shining
and every dark cloud has a silver lining.
You have to carve your own way
and it’ll become tougher day by day.
Remember that you have to move ahead-
its a long way that you have to tread.
Don’t lose hope – have courage in yourself.
Success will definitely kiss your feet.
Remember you are a born victor.
Even fate will have to accept its defeat!

A Moment

A moment of love
A moment of mad race
A moment of passion
A moment of disgrace

A moment of blindness
A moment of ecstasy
A moment of victory
A moment of fantasy

A moment of blindness
A moment of disbelief
A moment of joy
A moment of relief

A moment of terror
A moment of sympathy
A moment of grief
A moment of unity

A moment of celebration
A moment of rage
A moment to cherish
that is worth an age

Life is a collection of moments
Take one moment at a time
It goes by its own rhythm
All moments make a rhyme